Successfully Install Siri On iPhone 4 Using iOS 7

For all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users must be familiar with virtual assistants from Apple. The assistant I am talking about is Siri, this feature was firstly introduced when Apple released iPhone 4s at October, 2011. Siri was the most superior feature that Apple relied on at that time.

Now all the new Apple products come with this amazing feature. With Siri, you can ask almost about everything like what time is it now, the locations, or just chat with her.

Officially this feature can't be installed on iPhone 4s and newer, so iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are not included as the supported device because of hardware requirements. But don't worry as long as your iPhone 4 is running on iOS 7 then there is a chance to install Siri.

Number of Russian hackers have managed to come with a Siri Port project, as the result Siri can be delivered to iPhone 4, but there are two requirements set to smooth the installation process which is your iPhone 4 should be on iOS 7 and already been jailbroken.

Siri port is a Cydia tweak that doesn't involve GUI installation from Siri, it only allows your device to be connected to Apple server to further using Siri to other device model.

Install Siri on iPhone 4 using iOS 7

How to install Siri on iPhone 4 using iOS 7

  • Firstly you need to jailbreak your iOS device, please search for the instructions on the net. If yours is already jailbroken. Then skip this step.
  • Now launch Cydia then Manage to further add the following repository / source.
  • After adding the repository, now tap on search box to type this (original-iOS7 +) version 1.0. Then install the package.
  • If the installation process is done, your iPhone will restart, no worry that's normal.
  • Once your iPhone back to ON, then go to Settings app, to enter this Original and then install certificate.
  • Now you will be brought in the installation page, just select confirm.
  • At this phase, you better restart your iPhone again, for this app to works.
  • If your iPhone is already running normally, open the Settings -> General -> Siri voice assistant and activate Siri. Say Halo to this virtual assistant app.
Note. Remember this is simply a hack developed by a third party developers, thus expect some bugs like Siri not responding your words sometimes, etc. If that happens just restart your iPhone 4, wait for few minutes, then open Siri again.
Honestly I haven't tried this methods, since I don't own iPhone 4 but from the reports I collected from many people that have successfully installed Siri on their iPhone 4 running on iOS 7 using the above guides.

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