How To Install NDS4iOS Nintendo Games Emulator On iPhone

Previously we reported the coming of Nintendo games on iOs and we also have shared a how to play Nintendo games on iPhone and other iOS devices. But then some of our readers asking us regarding the technical things like how to install NDS4iOS on iOS device (iOS 5.5.1 and newer).

Well, this post is created to answer the questions rather responding the questioners one by one. Beside anyone else could have the same inquiries. So this post is meant to help them too.

Actually the installing process is pretty easy, the most necessary part is altering the date and time in Settings for the emulator to run smoothly.

One more thing, jailbreak is not required to use NDS4iOS but if your device is jailbroken already, then follow the following instructions below.

NDS4iOS Nintendo Games Emulator

Install NDS4iOS on jailbroken iPhone or iPad (iOS 5.1.1 or newer)

1. Add the Pineapple repository.
  • Launch Cydia then go to Manage tab.
  • Tap on Sources
  • Tap Edit > Add.
  • Enter this URL;
  • Done!
2. Now install NDS4iOS.
  • Tap on Search, type this nd4ios.
  • 2 files will be found.
  • The first file; NDS4iOS (stable), is the the build guaranteed to work well and will get continuous update in the future.
  • The second file; NDS4iOS (testing), is the testing build that has bugs and will be updated often.
Or just open the following links to immediately install NDS4iOS (After the Karen repo is already added).

Install NDS4iOS on NON-jailbroken iPhone (iOS 5.1.1 or higher)

1. Download NDS4iOS from the following links, choose the one you need.
2. Alter the date in your iOS device after the NDS4iOS is downloaded at the first step.
  • Make sure you have downloaded the link file at step 1.
  • Open Setting > General.
  • Tap on Date & Time.
  • Toggle the Set Automatically to OFF.
  • Alter the date to; 8 Februari 2014.
  • Done.
Great you have succesffully installed NDS4iOS emulator on jailbreak and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

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