How To Install .ipa Apps Using iFunBox On iPhone

Learn to install .ipa apps with iFunBox application to your iPhone or other iOS based devices from this post. If you want to know the whole steps regarding that. You may please to read the guides written on the post guys to install .ipa apps on iPhone using iFunBox application.

One of the biggest complaints launched by Apple based device users when using their handsets is unable to install or use apps others than Apple App store.

Official Apple procedure for installing or using apps that are not from App Store is very tiring because we need to firstly register to Apple Developer Center and get permission -- certificate -- so that app can be executed.

But for a regular user it is impossible to undergo that process just to install non-official app (cracked app).

Fortunately there is a solution for that. And that solution will be discussed on the post you are reading now.

For those of you who want to backup and install IPA applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, then you can utilize an app namely iFunBox with it we can easily backup of the installed software and games in iPhone in the IPA format, or you can install IPA file to iPhone.

iFunBox can be used to install app to your iPhoe. If you don't own an iPA formatted app then you can go to the services to download .ipa file on the net.
How To Install .ipa Apps Using iFunBox On iPhone

How to install .ipa apps on iPhone or iPad using iFunbox

  1. Download iFunbox from this link.
  2. Now connect your iPhone to PC, then launch iFunbox till it detect your iPhone.
  3. Make sure your iPhone is unlocked (no lockedscreen mode) if it's locked will effect to installation process.
  4. Now click the Install App [AppFastInTM] menu and point to the app file you wish to install. Now wait till the installation process finishes.
  5. If it's successful, then information related with the installed application will show like this.
So you can now search and then install the useful apps based on .ipa by the help of iFunBox to your beloved iPhone. Any questions can be written down on the provided comment area. Hope you find this post useful.

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