How To Hide Purchased Apps In iOS 7.X iPhone Or iPad

As iPhone or iPad or any iOS devices users buying apps on the Apple or iTunes app stores is one of our common activities, since the apps are so tempting to buy, they deliver usefulness for our device's performance, for fun, etc. And all the apps we have purchased will be listed automatically in Purchased apps.

However, there is a time we don't want the purchased apps appear on the purchased section. Well, I am one of the users who wish the apps I previously bought don't show up in that section. In iOS 5.x the solution was easy and direct, we can hide the apps directly from our device. However things get different in iOS 6.x, to achieve the same we need to go to iTunes from our Windows or Mac OS. iOS 7.x requires us to do the same.

In iOS 7.x that we are currently using has the same process to hide the process apps. Did you know the how to guide to hide your purchased apps on iOS 7.x? Let's discuss about it.

How to Hide Purchased Apps on iPhone/iPad Running iOS 7.x

To achieve that, turn your Windows or Mac OS computer then launch iTunes.

  • Login to your iTunes account using your Apple ID (don't have it yet? then create free Apple ID from your iPhone).
  • Inside iTunes, click the Purchased locates on the right.
  • Click the Apps appear on the drop-down list on top.
  • Hover your mouse to an app, an X (delete) sign shows app. If you click that X, a prompt a dialog window comes, just confirm the hiding for the app to be hidden.

Hide Purchased App In iOS 7 iPhone

Now open your iPhone / iPad, then launch App store to visit Purchased section. You should now see the purchased app you previously hided is no longer there.

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