How To Fix Bricked iPhone And iPad

Is your iPhone or iPad bricked and experiencing the repeative booting? Don't think of change your device if that's happening. Wait before you decide to buy a new iPhone and throw away your bricked iPhone. This post will help you solve the bricked iPhone problem.

If your iPhone keeps restarting when trying to enter recovery mode and there is no way to enter DFU Mode, then you feel like your iPhone is damaged and can't be fixed then you are wrong.

Before we get into the steps to fix a bricked iPhone, you better know the brick condition that your iPhone is experiencing and what's the culprit.

Bricked iPhone is when your device's screen becomes black, can't be turn on, can't be used and etc. That's happening because of iOS failure or being corrupted. The culprit of the condition is the unfinished iOS updating process or you fail when jailbreaking your iPhone.

Fix Bricked iPhone
To fix the bricked iPhone, these are what you need.
  1. Computer.
  2. Redsn0w.
  3. A firmware that supports your device's model.
Steps to fix bricked iPhone or iPad.

To get yourself out from the bricked situation, you need to force shutdown your device and enter the DFU mode.

Step 1

We will try to enter DFU mode.
  • Push the top button of your iPhone and the Home button at the same time.
  • Now connect your iPhone to PC.
  • Keep pushing the buttons till your iPhone is shutting down.
  • When your iPhone is turn off, now power on your iPhone by pressing the same buttons, till it's ON again.
  • If your iPhone's screen ON, then press the buttons again, keep them for about 2 or 3 seconds till your device is shutting down (again).
  • Release your finger from pressing the top button, but keep holding the Home button for about 13 seconds. This will make your screen become blank, and there is no any notifications appear on your screen. That means you are in the DFU mode now.
Confused? Then visit this "enter DFU mode" guide then.
Step 2

  • Run Redsn0w.
  • Enter your iPhone's firmware when it's asked by Redsn0w.
  • Now booth tethered your iPhone.
If you follow the above steps correctly then you should have fixed your bricked iPhone.

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