How To Enable iMessage on iPhone And iPad

iMessage is one of the best IM apps available in iOS to communicate among your friends that use iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Well many things can be done with this Apple's Instant Messaging service, like sharing files, chatting, etc.

And do you want to activate iMessage on your iOS devices, whether it's iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then you can follow the entire steps written here. All the steps are compiled consecutively with pictures to make everything easy to follow. Let's do it.

How to enable iMessage on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Following we are going to learn on how to enable iMessage and by performing iMessage activation process.

Step 1. Open Settings.

Step 2. On top of Settings, open Messages.

Step 3. On the right side, you can set iMessage to ON, then wait for the activation process. Make sure your internet connection is running.

Step 4. In the Receive at area, enter your email, and in Send Read Receipt area, set to ON, so you will get reports like "Read" atau "Delivered" beside Message referring your message is read or delivered. You can use your Phone number, but I prefer using Apple ID email so there won't be any mistake that your message is identified as MMS or SMS.

Step 5. You can use more than one emails. If you use three gadgets like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch at once, then use a different emails with one Apple ID.

Step 6. Now just open the iMessage menu, and type your Apple ID not your phone number in the receiver column. If all set, then type the message, then hit camera symbol to enter picture or meme you have saved.

Message: green icon with words balloon.

iMessage example, you can click on people symbol on the right to add more users to address book and adding photos.

Also learn on how to install whatsapp on iPhone.
That's all you have successfully activated iMessage on iPhone and iPad now enjoy it.

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