How To Download App Over 50MB Size In Apple Store

Do you wish to download iPhone app in App Store that has size over 50MB without using Wifi? You can, simply write this post entirely. And the result, without Wi-Fi connection you are able to download app with over 50MB size in App Store.

What you need now is a Cydia tweak namely 3G Unrestrictor, that means your limited internet data package can now download any apps that have 50MB and more without Wifi.

Normally we are unable to download an app with over 50mb size using internet data, that's because the rule Apple set to save your internet data, if you use the limited internet package to download a big size app then your internet data will be ran out.

3G Unrestricted Apps

Unfortunately awesome games like Plants Vs Zombies, etc have big sizes. Of course without Wifi connection you won't be able to download and install them. But that's limitation will be no more, using 3G Unrestrictor.

If you want this Cydia tweak, then launch Cydia to buy this app, currently the app is $4. And your device should already been jailbroken.

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