Watch Out, BBM For iOS Is Not Immune Toward HeartBleed Attack

The egress of a new malware called Hearbleed have been a topic of discussion in the gadget realm this week. The worst part of the malware outbreak goes to BlackBerry who boasts as the most secure mobile platform company is not immune of the Heartbleed attack.

The most recent report from Reuters has disclosed that one of the Canadian company mainstay service which is BBM for iOS and Android was finally effected by Heartbleed, now they are planning to release an security update to fix the loophole who was successfully exploited by Heartbleed.

For those who have not familiar with Heartbleed, is a malware that exploiting the important loophole in OpenSSL; a security protocol used to encrypt web traffic. This loophole is likely used by hacker to access any data sent by the web users.

HeartBleed iOS BBM

BlackBerry claimed previously that their service is not effected the OpenSSL attackers. Unfortunately, things are totally different in BBM for iOS and Android, since this service is not a BB exclusive yet it's a cross-platform app developed to extend to wider and various mobile OS outside BlackBerry OS. So any exploit would be possible.

Scott Totzke, BlackBerry official SVP said that the risk rate of the attack was so minor, and using Heartbleed to break BBM will be too difficult considering the opened loophole was so puny, whereas the sequence of the attacks were too complicate.

We are recommending for you to immediately install the security update that BlackBerry release, to make sure all the opened loophole is entirely closed from the possible Heartbleed attacks. So watch out!

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