Fix FaceTime Issue On iPhone And The Causes Of The Troubles

Fix FaceTime issue on iPhone. Lately iOS based devices community are fused with stream of reports from iPhone and iPad users telling they are unable to use Facetime anymore.

Well after dove for a while in the sea of the Apple forums and some Apple related tech blogs to find the troubleshooting of the matter. I came to know that it's all purely technical matters.

And in this post I would like to share to my readers number of causes that raise FaceTime issue along with the solutions. You might want to know as well.

Just for you to know it doesn't have to do with the Apple servers, and it's not as simple as forgetting password, at least that's what I've get. But the issues appeared your existing carrier, device compatibility and network.

Fix FaceTime Issue On iPhone

Below you will find the troubleshooting and the fixes are elaborated below.

Device Compatibility

It's probably that your device is not supported by FaceTime, for example if you own an iPhone 4 the device is excluded as the supported Cellular Data based iOS devices to use FaceTime.

But don't worry you can use a jailbreak tweak namely FaceBreak or similar tweaks that offer the same ability. Yes, my friend you need to firstly jailbreak your iPhone device.

Data Plan Compatibility

This could be a problem you are facing now, you are using AT&T network, remember one thing! That this is the only carrier that forbids its users to use FaceTimes, unless they are using Share Data Plans.

So, if you are the AT&T users you might want to check to your provider whether your existing data plan can be used for FaceTime.

WiFi Issues in iOS 7.x

Albeit Wifi can be a solution to enjoy a stable connection, yet this network can encounter issue too like unstable connection, wrong settings on router that denies your iPhone or iPad to be connected to Wifi, as the result you are unable to utilize FaceTime. Thus check your Wifi router settings and its stability.

Reactivate FaceTime

After you have tried everything that could possibly the culprit of FaceTime problem, yet the issue still persists. You may want to re-activate this feature. This a simple method, sometimes works, probably it takes only an account authentication to fix it. Let's activate FaceTime.

We will guide you to activate, log out from FaceTime, then log-in using your Apple ID.
  1. Now go to Settings -> FaceTime.
  2. Disable the switch.
  3. After a few minutes, re-enable or turn on. Now your account will be activated. Just wait.

    FaceTime Activation iPhone
  4. After FaceTime is activated, you should see the Apple ID field. Tap on it and then tap on Sign out.
  5. When activation process done, your FaceTime is active now your Apple ID be seen. You need to Sign Out now.
    FaceTime Apple ID
  6. Sign-in again using your Apple ID for FaceTime.
  7. Now you must enable Facetime on iPhone by turning it to ON.
Remember all the troubleshooting as the causes here the ones I managed to find, but I hope one of them works to fix FaceTime issues on your iPhone or iPad. If you have another solution that's not included in this post. Don't be a stranger to share yours to us here.

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