Easily And Quickly Transfer BlackBerry's Contacts To iPhone

Has decided to switch to iPhone from BlackBerry? Then one of the important things you must do now is transferring BlackBerry contacts to your iPhone. BlackBerry is a fine phone, however in some areas of it seem not to be improved to serve our needs such as the availibility of the apps that are so lack compared with iPhone.

And many top-notch app developers don't seem to be interested to make their apps available on BlackBerry. That might be the decisive factors making BlackBerry users switch side to other mobile operating systems such as iOS.

This post will inform you the easiest and the most successful way to transfer contacts of your BlackBerry to Apple iPhone and iPad.

How to transfer BB contacts to iPhone or iPad?

We are going to use an app called Intouch that could do magics in not just transferring any contacts from your previous device, it will also do the following.

1. Get contacts on any device.

Access contacts from any devices you own, including contacts stored in BlackBerry.

2. Avoid duplicate contacts transferring.

Tired of duplicate contact entries scattered across your address book? Each of your Intouch contacts will appear only once eliminating duplicates altogether.

3. Never lose contacts again.

Losing contacts because of upgrading our software device or because damages, Intouch comes to avoid such tragic to happen.

How to install Intouch app and then backup BB contacts

1. Download, then install Intouch app. Now accept the terms and conditions appear on your screen.

2. Now create an account by clicking Register button, then fill the required forms like filling your name, email, mobile number, and password with username of your choice. Then Register.

3. Now Intouch will download contacts of your BlackBerry to further transfer them to your iPhone.

That's how to transfer BlackBerry contacts to iPhone. Is so easy right?

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