DropBox Carousel App Showing Photos In TimeLine Format

These days most people have a Dropbox account. This month a company that focus their business on cloud service has released a new application for iOS and Android based devices, the app is called Carousel. This app will create a gallery for your photos and videos stored in your Dropbox account.

Carousel comes with the slogan; a gallery for all the photos and videos from your life.

This app stores your photos and videos based on time format or timeline without eating too big storage capacity in your iOS because this is a cloud based service.

Carousel Logo

Beside saving and showing photos when needed, Carousel also supports various sharing modes to share your photos to other users via chatting media or email. You can also save photo or video shared by your friends in Carousel easily and quickly.

To save photos, Carousel uses amount of storage you have in your Dropbox account. For privacy, you can hide specific photos for not showing your timeline by simply swiping down the photos.

Interested? Then you can download Carousel for iOS via iTunes store and start showing your photos and family in the most best moments.
Download Carousel via iTunes app store.

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