BlackBerry Priority Hub Now In iPhone

Priority Hub is not a new stuff for BlackBerry user, but not too popular in iPhone. In BlackBerry, Priority Hub feature is used for classifying notifications based on applications. With it, a user will be easier to check notifications from the specific applications that regarded necessary to check.

And the good news is now iOs 7 users can also enjoy the similar feature.

This feature is also called Priority Hub, this is not an iOS feature but it's a jailbreak tweak. With Priority Hub installed on your jailbroken iOS 7 based device, you can classify Lock screen notifications based on apps.

This way is of course useful to simplify iOS 7 Lock screen and to ease yourself knowing which notification comes.

Priority Hub iPhone

Once the Priority Hub installed on iPhone, you will find a new preference panel located in the Settings app of iOS. Inside it, you will find two options which are; Show Number and Icon Location. Toggle the Show Number to allow you display a list of all notifications for all the running apps in Lock Screen.

As for Icon Location is used to move icon app that's connected with notifications on top or  down side of the Lock Screen.

If you are interested with Priority Hub that has functionality like BlackBerry feature. Then you can download it from Cydia, however it's not a free tweak, it's $0.99.

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