Want To Record Phone Calls On iPhone? Read This

Do you wish to record phone calls of iPhone? You can! Here in this post I will try to share a guide you can follow in order to record phone calls you get from your iPhone, all of them is for free.

Right now we have several options for recording calls on iPhone, and in this post I promote only the easiest ones and give you the results you wish.

In the Apple App Store we are regaled with number of apps that can do the job which is recording calls from iPhone. Some of the apps are free the rest is paid apps.

And in Cydia store there are similar apps too but you need to have a jailbroken iPhone in order to install the call recording app for iOS 7.

Below you will find the apps I regard the best and it's available for free and you can instantly record calls from your iOS 7 based device. Here is the names of the apps.

Conversations / calls recording apps for iPhone

Record Phone Calls On iPhone
Below is the two apps, that work exactly as I described on the first paragraph. You can give one of them a try, or try two of them. And one of the app only available for US numbers only which is Call Log Pro app.

Call Log Pro

This is considered the best recording calls app for iOS 7, it's very easy to use adorned with awesome UI that allowing you to call using app built-in dialer, when the phone call is made, the app will start recording the call. Pretty simple, right?

Hmm one more thing this app will provide a couple of times for you to test it for recording the incoming and outgoing calls. And at the same time will make you able to record whether the calls from people to you, or otherwise.
Call Log Pro

The shortage of its is only applicable for US numbers.

Install Call Log Pro via iTunes.

Call Recorder

If you are not an US citizen and doesn't call the US number, therefore you can use this Call Recorder app. This app can be a solution to those who can't use the Call Log Pro app. It's pretty easy to use. And supports iOS 7 firmware.

Just like Call Log Pro, you can also perform the conversations from incoming or outgoing calls. For incoming calls to start recording you can simply tap Record button from the app. As for outgoing call of course you are going to need to firstly dial the destination number in the app then start recording.

Call Recorder

Grab Call Recorder via iTunes.

Call Recording

With this app you can make any records on the phone you are on. This app is a bit complicated in comes to use it especially compared with other two apps above, because you are going to need to perform several actions before finally be able to record your conversation.

Firstly you need to tap record button as usual, after you ask your friend to hold for a minutes, then when the record button is tapped, your phone will then make a third party call to the app server. When the server answer the call, you need to tap the provided merge button for recording to start.
Call Recording
Interested? Then grab Call Recording app on iTunes now.

Those are the three apps that can be used to record phone calls on iPhone, if you have any other apps that you consider great and never failed you for recording calls on your iOS device. Why don't you share it to us?

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