How To Play Youtube In The iPhone Background

Youtube, who doesn't know it! If today you were connected to internet the big chance is you visited the gigantic songs / videos library website or at least ever watched the Youtube video embedded on any website you visited an hour ago.

In the desktop we are regaled with the so-called multitasking, to which we can do more than one task at the same time without a problem. For example we can listen to Youtube music in streaming in the background while we are typing the important article.

The same luxury can't be found in the iPhone or iPad. In those iOs based devices, Youtube will immediately stop playing when you open another app.

The Youtube's music you play will be paused soon as you put the Youtube's playback in the background. Youtube should be in the foreground in order for it to keep streaming.

There is however a workaround you are free to try if you want to keep the Youtube's music on while doing other tasks in your iPhone or iPad. Here is the tips.

Youtube iPhone Background.png

How to play Youtube in the iOS background

How To Play Youtube In The iPhone Background

Turn on your iPhone or iPad and then launch Safari browser of your, play your beloved song on the Youtube site. Then tap the Home button to get yourself back to Home screen, or you can swipe to switch to another app, this way will stop Youtube from playing.

Now swipe up from your bottom screen in order to launch Control Center then tap Play button. Wow! You can now see the Youtube video continue to play and then you are free to switch to any app you desire from your iPhone or iPad while the Youtube music plays in the background.

Your device is an older iPhone or iPad and has not been updated to iOS 7, no worry the workaround for you to keep listening Youtube in the background. Just double-press the home button then swipe the notifications bar from left to right. Now hit Play button to continue playing Youtube video in the background.

Now every time you do something else while using iPhone or iPad of yours like reading emails or typing messages, the Youtube music will always be your company.

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