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    How To Manually Install WhatsApp On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

    Here is a tutorial to install and activate WhatsApp on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad without jailbreak. What you need is completing yourself with the following requirements.
    • iPhone
    • iPod touch
    • iPad.
    Make sure that you have one of the iOS devices mentioned on the list.

    Once you have applied all the technical methods here to manually install WhatsApp app then you can use the IM app on your iOS devices guys.

    And remember to follow everything written on the how to section and do not skip any steps if you want to be successful installing WhatsApp.

    How to install WhatsApp in iPhone, iPad also iPod Touch.

    Download WhatsApp then fill the phone number you wish to activate for your iOS device.

    Connect your device to computer.
    Open iTools.
    Search the WhatsApp app then click Backup (to be installed on your iOS based devices).
    After you have backed up, then select Browse.
    Now copy / export the Documents and Library to computer of yours.
    Disconnect your device from PC.
    Now reconnect your device to computer.
    Open iTools for second time.
    Klik install.
    Find WhatsApp you have previously backup then Install.
    After you've done with installing then select Browse.
    Now click Import > select Folder.
    Now select Documents and Library you back up previously from iPhone.
    And done! You have WhatsApp app now on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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