Legit Steps To Downgrade iOS 6.0 To iOS 5.1.1

Thus this post will help you to downgrade your iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 using the Redsn0w, we will use one of the tool's feature, called Stitch. Stitch will combine your iPSW file and then connect the SHSH blobs for the device you wish its iOS to be downgraded.

This is a how to downgrade iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch 4g, remember devices models other than those models are not supported with this guide.

After you accidentally (or purposely) upgraded to iOS 6 you realized that the said version is not for you, since it's not being able to be jailbroken untethered. Therefore downgrade it back to the more jailbreak friendly version is a must.

Great features like Google maps and Youtube app are ditched, replaced with distorted satellite images and poor directions, called Apple maps. More problems were also found in the Passbook compatibility and its performance.

But remember you need to have the SHSH blobs of the iOS 5.1.1 or else you can't apply this guide.
Downgrade iOS 6 To iOS 5.1.1
What you need.
  • Download Redsn0w for Windows or Mac OS X.
  • Download the iOS 5.1.1 firmware.

How To Downgrade iOS 6 To iOS 5.1.1

Step 1. Locate the SHSH blobs you saved earlier, make sure you already have iOS 5.1.1 SHSH blobs file. Then place the SHSH blobs you saved on the computer to the same folder where the iOS 5.1.1 iPSW stored. If you saved the SHSH blobs in Cydia server, then continue.

Step 2. Place your device into DFU mode.

Step 3. Launch Redsn0w, then navigate to > SHSH blobs > Stitch.

Step 4. Click iPSW of the iOS 5.1.1 IPSW for your iPhone, iPod Touch.

Step 5. Or if you save the SHSH Blobs in Cydia then click Cydia on the menu. Or, if you saved it on the computer, then select Local, then pick up the SHSH blobs for iOS 5.1.1 for your device.

Step 6. After you have chosen the file, Redsn0w will be stitching them together in order to create all the firmware file for iOS 5.1.1. Then you can use the firmware file to downgrade, albeit Apple has stopped signing the iOS 5.1.1.

Step 7. Still in Redsn0w, back to two pages then click Pwned DFU. This will place your device into Pwned DFU so iTunes can restore it using the firmware you just stitched, without this process you will experience error 1600.

Step 8. Launch ITunes, so it can detect your device in recovery mode. Then hold Option button then click Restore, to further choosing the stitched firmware file. The name of the file should be in 13 digit, which is the ECID of your device.

Step 9. Let iTunes to entirely restore your device, if you encounter Error -1 from iTunes. Do not worry.

Error iPhone 1

Step 10. Launch RedSn0w, then click Extras > Recovery fix.

Redsn0w Recovery Fix

Step 11. Now put your device into DFU mode again, and then Recovery Fix

Step 12. Once the Recovery fix finished, your iPhone is successfully downgraded back to iOS 5.1.1.

And if you wish to downgrade back to iOS 5.1.1 from iOS 6 beta 1, just follow the directions below.


1. Download Redsn0w 0.9.13dev1 for Windows and Mac.
2. Once you have Redsn0w downloaded. Then jailbreak your device using the tool.
3. Be patient.

Downgrade iOS 6 Beta 1 to 5.1.1

Step 1. Now you need to download iOS 5.1.1 IPSW based on your device.

Step 2. Now plug or connect your device to your PC and continued your step with putting your device into DFU mode.
Here is how to put your iPhone to DFU mode simply hold Home and Power button at the same time for about 10 seconds and then release the Power button now while keep holding the Hold button for another 30 seconds.
Step 3. Now choose the device of yours from the iTunes.Hold's side bar: for Windows using Shift and for Mac using Alt. Then clicking on the Restorebutton.

Congratulation because you managed to downgraded to iOS 5.1.1 from iOS 6 Beta 1.

Hope this post useful for you and see you in another posts. Enjoy the fun.

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