Fix iMessage Issues (Complete Guide)

iOS devices who have updated to the iOS 6 are likely facing problem with iMessage now. Because it's reported that users are unable to send iMessage via iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The reports are vary, some users report they face delay in sending text messages, some others are totally unable to send any messages and receive error message saying "not delivered". Well, which problem you are facing now? Lucky you it's curable condition. No need to replace your phone with a new phone.

Things getting worse because Apple doesn't seem to detect that there is a problem on their text messaging app, by saying no issue with iMesssage.

Solution for iMessage problem: "not delievered".

You can try this quick fix, which is disable and enable the iMessage app. To do so, you can head to Settings app, then look down to find the Messages, tap that, then tap on iMessage toggle to disable, wait for a while then enable it again.

This is a temporary solution, until Apple comes up with the fix. And hope this helps you out from the iMessage error.

Solution If iMessage is not running.

If you are a loyal user of iMessage chances are you know that sometimes the messages sent from iMessage are delayed lately. This unwanted situation, is of course, because the Apple's iCloud service is experiencing downtimes which effect to iMessage. If this service suffers any delays will certainly effect your existing conversations with a friend, delay doesn't good. Thus we need to get rid of the problem to make sure everything works as expected.

iMessage is one of the most used features within iOS device. Fanatics iMessage users will regard iPhone less interesting without it. You probably are one of those guy.

But no worry, you can deal with the situation by switching the iMessage into simply a text message.

And below is the steps you can follow in case you have problem in sending iMessage, and it's not sent.

Step 1. Grab your iPhone and then open the Messages app.

Step 2. Now search the iMessage that's not sent. iMessage appears with blue as its backgroung. While a text message on a green background.

Step 3. If you have found iMessage that's not sent, than tap and hold to that iMessage, you will see the option saying Send as Text Message. Then tap on that option. It will send your iMessage as a text message. The background will turn to green if the message sent.

This is an emergency solution if the iMessage doesn't work correctly. Hope you'll find this tips useful.

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