Sunday, November 30, 2014

CarPlay Will Soon Come To iPhone / iPad Screen

Adam Bell developer has managed to activate CarPlay directly from the iPhone and iPad without going through a car stereo compatible with Apple technology!

Normally the interface is revealed only when the camera is connected to a pre-equipped CarPlay vehicle or if the iOS device is connected to a compatible car radio such as Pioneer and Alpine.

In his two short videos from Adam we can see that CarPlay works perfectly on iPhone 6 on the iPad without even being connected to an embedded system. It is therefore possible that CarPlay will come to land on our iOS little screens through a jailbreak tweak.

It will be a solution for those who can not afford a new car with CarPlay system or a teammate car stereo system.
The project is not finished yet, he still has a lot of bugs to deal with. But he has already announced that it will work online for free as soon as a stable version is ready.

So all we need to do now just wait for the release of CarPlay on our iOS device.



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