Monday, April 14, 2014

How To Play Nintendo Game In iPhone

If you are expecting Nintendo to release their own games catalogue to Apple Store, then your expectation could be just a figment. Instead of expecting something impossible, why don't you use an emulator that allows you to play Nintendo DS in your iPhone or iPad.

The things getting more interesting because we don't have to jailbreak our iOS devices just to play Nintendo game via this emulator.

The name of the emulator is NDS4iOS which is a follow through of the Game Boy Anvance GBA4iOS emulator. In NDS4iOS you are asked to do a little tweak to Date & Time settings before installing the software. Just change the date setting into February, 8, 2014 after downloading process. Don't worry you can change the date and time after the installation process.
How To Play Nintendo Game In iPhone
The developer of this emulator is working to optimize it, and your feedback is expected. So what else are you waiting for? If you want to play Nintendo Game in your iPhone, just download the NDS4iOS emulatore from this link.

Well if you need it, you can learn on how to install the nds4iOS Nintendo emulator on iOS iPhone and iPad.



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